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Dutch Football Club Kicks Off Under Philips LED Lighting

Dutch Football Club Kicks Off Under Philips LED Lighting

AMSTERDAM—PSV became the first Eredivisie club in the Netherlands to kick off under ground-breaking LED lighting at the Philips Stadium. The Eindhoven-based national champions recently played a match against Excelsior from Rotterdam under the innovative LED pitch lighting supplied by their main sponsor, Royal Philips. To mark the official inauguration of the LED pitch lighting, players and fans were treated to a unique light show. The Philips Stadium is the first Eredivisie stadium in the Netherlands to add a whole new dimension to the match experience in the stadium by installing white LED pitch lighting.

With this lighting it is possible to illuminate specific parts of the pitch before football matches or other events at the stadium. It is also possible for fans at the stadium and those watching at home to see and experience the smallest of gestures and emotions on the pitch. What’s more, the Philips Stadion owners will save 30% on energy compared to conventional pitch lighting, as well as benefit from reduced maintenance of around 33%.

The new white LED floodlights can enhance the atmosphere in a stadium by creating an appropriate light effect when a goal is scored without the need for additional (colored) lighting, luminaires, light beamers or other special-effects equipment. The position of the LED pitch lighting does not need to be adjusted for this, so can be used as per official matches with the stadium management controlling the lighting.

Toon Gerbrands, General Manager of PSV says, “We have fully integrated the endless possibilities of LED lighting into our match entertainment, with the result that light, sound and video come together to create the perfect experience.”

“We are extremely proud to have taken this major step forward in delivering an unparalleled and dynamic football match experience, both for those fans at the stadium and those watching from home. Football has certainly been promoted to the next division,” said Frank van der Vloed, General Manager Philips Lighting Benelux.


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