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DOE Releases Final Ruling for Fluorescent Lamps

DOE Releases Final Ruling for Fluorescent Lamps

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy, has released a final determination on standards for general service fluorescent lamps.

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act, as amended (EPCA), prescribes energy conservation standards for various consumer products and certain commercial and industrial equipment, including general service fluorescent lamps (GSFLs). EPCA also requires the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to periodically determine whether more-stringent, amended standards would be technologically feasible and economically justified, and would result in significant energy savings. In this final determination, DOE has determined that energy conservation standards for GSFLs do not need to be amended.

The effective date of this final determination is March 15, 2023.

The docket for this activity, which includes Federal Register notices, public meeting attendee lists and transcripts, comments, and other supporting documents/materials, is available for review at All documents in the docket are listed in the index. However, some documents listed in the index, such as information that is exempt from public disclosure, may not be publicly available.

The docket web page can be found at​docket/​EERE-2019-BT-STD-0030. The docket web page contains instructions on how to access all documents, including public comments, in the docket.

For further information on how to review the docket, contact the Appliance and Equipment Standards Program staff at (202) 287-1445 or by email: .


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