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DOE Publishes 2019 Lighting R&D Opportunities Document

DOE Publishes 2019 Lighting R&D Opportunities Document

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Building Technologies Office, within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, has published the 2019 Lighting Research and Development Opportunities (RDO) document. This document covers foundational research and development (R&D) needs for lighting technology and lighting application understanding that will result in maximum energy savings while also optimizing for building occupant well-being and productivity.

Widely referenced by industry and government both here and abroad, the RDO reflects expert inputs on topics that will improve lighting efficiency and effectiveness, and increase energy savings. The document contains feedback from ongoing stakeholder engagement, including inputs from the annual OLED Stakeholder Meeting and the annual DOE Lighting R&D Workshop. These inputs resulted in suggested priority R&D topics described in the document.

Key updates for the 2019 edition of the RDO include:

  • New lighting R&D priority topic suggestions for 2020
  • Reformatted discussion to expand on R&D and energy savings opportunities beyond improvements to light source efficiency
  • Latest understanding of LED and OLED science and most impactful directions for R&D
  • Updated discussion of new lighting values including occupant well-being and increased productivity
  • Updated performance and cost status for solid-state lighting technologies.

Download the full RDO document.

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