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“Dimwits”: Outrage As EU Bans Halogen Bulbs

“Dimwits”:  Outrage As EU Bans Halogen Bulbs

By the end of this month, people in Europe will no longer be able to buy Halogen light bulbs, as the European Union has decided to allow only LED lighting for purchase.

The European Union ban will begin on September 1, and it is aimed at reducing energy costs with LED lighting. However, LED bulbs cost about three times more than Halogen bulbs, which has led to some anger.  London’s The Sun newspaper referred to the decision makers as “Dimwits” for the way they handled the ban.

Stores will be able to sell their existing stock of Halogen bulbs until they run out.  A study by LEDVANCE showed two out of three people living in England did not know the ban was coming.  The ban was originally scheduled to begin in September 2016, but officials decided to wait while LED technology improved.

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