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Dialight Improves Product Content in IDEA Connector

Dialight Improves Product Content in IDEA Connector

The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) recognizes Dialight, a global industrial LED lighting manufacturer, for improving its product content amid resource challenges.

As online shopping and the pace of business continues to increase, the importance of complete and accurate product content is growing. Customers make purchasing decisions based on product content and distributors use the information to quote and sell products. Without it, manufacturers’ products may be passed over by end-users or left out of bids.

Dialight’s team recognized the importance of its product content for one-stop shopping, but with many competing business priorities lacked the resources internally to maintain and update their product content, marketing information and pricing in IDEA Connector in a timely manner.

Dialight decided to engage IDEA Data Services to help update product content and pricing as well as add additional products, images, specifications, and attributes.

In the case study, Dialight shares how it worked with IDEA to:

  • Identify gaps and enhance all of its product content in IDEA Connector
  • Discover opportunities to add marketing materials and digital assets
  • Review existing products to remove outdated SKUs
  • Add new SKUs and attributes
  • Develop a sustainable product content maintenance process without burdening staff
  • Ensure that distributors get improved product data updates and access to new SKUs in a more timely manner

“Product data is a critical service and function to have up to date, especially since the pandemic when more people are using more online sources of information. The opportunity to work directly with IDEA has helped us boost our product content and accuracy, and now it is easier to maintain going forward.”
—Teri Kelly, Senior Pricing Coordinator at Dialight

IDEA would like to recognize manufacturers that are making significant advancements to their product data in IDEA Connector. To share what your company is doing to improve product data, reach out to

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