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David Moeller on Graybar’s ‘holistic approach’

After a recent high-efficiency lighting upgrade at its 120,000-square-foot warehouse in North Kansas City, Mo., St. Louis-based Bunzl Distribution lauded Graybar’s “holistic approach” to customer service.

According to David Moeller, a national market manager at Graybar, the St. Louis -based electrical distribution and supply chain management services leader has honed this approach over its 85-plus-year history.

Photos: Graybar’s energy efficient upgrade for Bunzl Distribution 

“Graybar tends to attract more professional customers, from end-users to installers, and we provide the full range of products and components, but we also like to add a higher level of value through our technical services team,” said Moeller. “We love to talk about lighting with our customers, for example, but we’ll also talk about lighting controls, power monitoring and reporting systems, network infrastructure within the facility, or security, and we have many resources that can help customers power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence, and efficiency. It’s about identifying and responding to customer needs, treating them as a holistic entity and finding ways to help them achieve their larger goals. We want to be their trusted advisor.”

Read the full article detailing how Graybar and GE helped Bunzl Distribution get on the road to greener pastures in the March issue of tED .

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