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Dark Sky Announces 2023 “Capture the Dark” Winners

Dark Sky Announces 2023 “Capture the Dark” Winners

(DARK SKY) — Photos can say a million words. Regarding light pollution, they can speak on how dark skies can change lives. It astounds us to think about how just one snapshot can power a movement for conservation efforts by showing how practical and awe-inspiring dark sky-friendly lighting can be. This year, to show off just how talented our dark sky communities, places, and individuals can be, we threw the third annual Capture the Dark Photography Contest, brought to you by Visit Utah.

This year, we received over 500 entries across nine different categories. Working together, our top-notch judges looked through all of your submissions, searching for photography skills, killer composition, category themes, and of course, that all-important ‘wow’ factor. And now? The results are in.

Each category has its champ who will receive a stellar prize package for their work. Included are a prime spot in DarkSky’s Nightscape publication, lots of love on the DarkSky blog and social media, a golden ticket to a DarkSky membership, and DarkSky and Visit Utah gear.

Click below to check out the winners!

Skip below to the categories:
Connecting to the Dark
International Dark Sky Place
The Impact of Light Pollution
The Bright Side of Lighting
Creatures of the Night
Deep Sky
The Mobile Photographer
Utah Dark Skies
People’s Choice

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