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Current Expands Representation in the East

Current Expands Representation in the East

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Current made the following announcements regarding representation in the East.

FRM Lighting + Controls will represent South Carolina for the HLI and GLI luminaire and controls brand portfolios effective March 1, 2024.

In addition, FRM Lighting + Controls acquired Affiliated Lighting + Controls and effective immediately will represent Current’s GLI luminaire and controls portfolio in North Carolina and Florida (excluding the Florida panhandle market).

“We are looking forward to partnering with FRM Lighting + Controls and are eager to collaborate closely,” Current Chief Commercial Officer Chip Taylor said. “FRM’s 50 plus year history in the electrical industry combined with Current’s broad portfolio of lighting and controls solutions enable a best-in-class experience for our valued customers in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.”

FRM Lighting + Controls area representation by Current portfolio:

  • HLI Luminaire & Controls Brands: South Carolina
  • GLI Luminaire & Controls Brands: South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida (excluding the Florida Panhandle markets)
  • GLI Roadway – Non-Metered, Municipal and DOT: North Carolina
  • GLI Roadway – Non-Metered, Municipal: North Florida
  • Forum Lighting: South Carolina

“With the merger of Bell & McCoy with FRM and looking at ways to expand and grow our businesses, the lighting industry creates a great opportunity,” Chris Coursey from Bell & McCoy said. “The acquisition of Affiliated Lighting + Controls positions us to begin this journey and the addition of Current Lighting helps make it all possible.”

Meanwhile, REPCO II is its representative in the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia commercial lighting markets for HLI Luminaire & Controls Brands. Effective April 1, 2024, this partnership expands upon REPCO II’s existing representation of Current’s GLI Luminaire & Controls Brands Portfolio within this territory.

The 34-person lighting agency is a major player in Pittsburgh and West Virginia professional lighting markets.

“REPCO II has been a well-respected agency for Current, which is why we look forward to the expansion of our relationship,” Current Chief Commercial Officer Chip Taylor said. “Their established market experience and strong customer relationships combined with Current’s innovative lighting and connected controls solutions enables a best-in-class experience for our valued customers,” Taylor said.

REPCO II will represent HLI Luminaire & Controls Brands, GLI Luminaire & Controls Brands, GLI Lamps, GLI Roadway – Municipality/DOT and Forum Lighting in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Managing Principal of REPCO II Donnie Breiding said that the company is happy to announce this new partnership with HLI/Current. “This strategic alliance will undoubtedly enhance our offerings and improve our capability to deliver a new level of service to our customers in western PA and WV. Together, Repco II and HLI/Current will usher in a new era of growth, innovation, and mutual success where our core goals align with the products offered within both lighting and controls,” Breiding said. “The Repco II and Current teams collectively look forward to leveraging our strengths to gain share in an ever-changing market. We eagerly anticipate a lasting partnership that will maximize long term growth.”

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