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Crown Supply Names New Member to Projects Team

Melanie Charbonneau

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Crown Supply named Melanie Charbonneau as part of the Projects Team, with a focus on lighting. She brings with her more than two decades of experience in the lighting industry, ranging from the U.S. to Australia. Charbonneau has worked with architects and engineers, as well as training manufacturers’ reps. Along the way, she has not only witnessed the many changes in the lighting industry but also been a major part of those changes. This experience has enabled her to uniquely know what customers want and when they need it.

“The most important aspect of my job is making sure our customers get what they need on time,” says Charbonneau. “We are a deadline-driven industry, particularly when it comes to inspections. Therefore, it is important that our customers have a true advocate on their side, someone who has worked with manufacturers’ sales reps, as well as once working as a manufacturer’s rep. This is the perspective that allows me to do my job very well. Or, to put it another way and more bluntly, I am here to cut through the bull to make sure our customers get the service and products they need, as quickly as possible.”

“We welcome Melanie to our team,” says Bill Donahue, President of Crown Supply. “I feel she will be a great contributor in helping our customers successfully complete projects of all types, particularly lighting projects, with fewer issues and on time. The addition of Melanie is further proof of Crown Supply’s commitment to our customer’s success.”

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