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Crestron Lighting Control is Centerpiece of Outdoor Holiday Lighting Exhibit in New York City

Crestron Lighting Control is Centerpiece of Outdoor Holiday Lighting Exhibit in New York City

Rockleigh, NJ – New York City will shine brighter this holiday season, thanks to a unique collaboration between renowned Architecture Firm, INABA, and Tillotson Design Associates. The firms designed an award-winning post-modern sculpture made possible largely by Crestron lighting control. The beautiful post-modern design sculpture will grace Flatiron Plaza from November 24 through January 4. It will reflect the sights of the city while framing views of the famous Empire State Building® and Flatiron Building.

Informally called the “Light Iron Project,” the sculpture consists of a 25-foot long by 17-foot wide by 9-foot tall steel framework holding rectangular mirrors and LED lights in long, horizontally-mounted tubular fixtures. During the day, the sculpture will reflect the buildings, park, streets, and people viewing it. At night, the sculpture will transform into a spectacular light show, with the lights moving and pulsating to the beat of the city.

“It’s a unique spot in the heart of the city, where the sky and skyline can be seen from street level,” says Jeffrey Inaba, Principal of INABA Architecture, which created the concept and overall design for the sculpture.

“Light Iron is an interactive sculpture that, when combined with the city lights and buildings, offers a beautiful and dynamic backdrop for visitors to use in their photos,” said Brian Daley, Crestron VP of Commercial Lighting Sales. “We’re proud to participate in a lighting exhibit that everyone in the city can experience during the holiday season.”

Seven local architects and design firms were invited by the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership and the Van Alen Institute to enter a holiday design competition. The Light Iron Project was selected as the winner. The design team, fabricators, and equipment vendors all worked on a pro bono basis, donating their time and the materials with the idea of showcasing the Flatiron neighborhood to the tens of thousands of people who pass through it each day.

The light shows are made possible by a Crestron 3-Series Control System®. The 3-Series signals four dimming modules installed in a Crestron DIN Rail panel that provides 16 zones of controllable electric power to the fixtures. Reacting to commands from the control system, the dimming modules power the fixtures up and down and change their brightness in milliseconds. That makes it possible to create almost any kind of shape, movement, or special effect using the LED lights.

“As lighting designers, we’re excited to have the flexibility that Crestron provides,” says Erin Dreyfous, Lighting Designer for Tillotson Design Associates, which created the lighting system for the sculpture. “Crestron lighting solutions are capable of so much more than traditional lighting dimmers. It’s important for us to be able to manipulate and transform the lighting we design, not only in this work of art, but anywhere we need to create a mood or attract attention.”

Light Iron will be on display at the intersection of 23rd Street and Broadway, across from Madison Square Park in New York City. If you’re in New York City during the holidays, it’s well worth a visit to the Flatiron district.

To learn more about this award-winning project click here.

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