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Cree Aims to Eliminate Linear Fluorescent Lamps


Cree has announced the release of a new energy-efficient product, an LED T8 Bulb. The new bulb looks just like traditional T-8 fluorescent tubes, uses LED rather than inert gas, and tuns on instantly without flickering. The bulb is saves 30 percent of energy costs over fluorescents, and outputs 2100 lumens at 21 watts.

Cree’s LED T8 is rated for 50,000 hours of life, which means it will be over 17 years before they need to be replaced (if run for 8 hours a day, every day). Plus, they are designed to fit into existing ballasts, so no rewiring. Just plug it in and go.

Of course, as LEDs are known to be, the Cree LED T8 is pricier than traditional fluorescents. However, with utility rebates and energy savings, not to mention maintenance costs, customers can expect to make their money back ina reasonable time.

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