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Cooper Lighting joins the Green Parking Council

Cooper Lighting is announcing that it has joined the Green Parking
Council (GPC) as a platinum-level partner. Working together with the GPC and
members, Cooper Lighting will collaborate to develop, implement and accelerate
sustainable programs, technologies and standards. In addition, Cooper will
assist to educate parking professionals on energy-efficient LED technologies to
help transform their facilities into sustainable and environmentally
responsible assets. These conversions and new installations can result in
energy and maintenance savings of up to 80 percent over traditional HID
sources; improved lighting for pedestrians and vehicles; and positive
environmental impact.

“As a leader in the lighting industry, Cooper Lighting shares our goal
of educating our members and the community on the advantages of
energy-efficient lighting and controls technologies available today,” said
Green Parking Council Executive Director Paul Wessel. “High-performance
lighting is central to safety, energy consumption, and sustainability in
parking facilities. We look forward to working with Cooper Lighting and welcome
them as a partner in our transformative work.”

The Green Parking Council is a not-for-profit organization providing
leadership and oversight for the green conversion of parking facilities to
sustainable, environmentally responsible assets. GPC is dedicated to expanding
green parking practices and environmental services through its Certified Green
Garage rating system. GPC encourages new, alternative parking practices and
exceptional industry transformation through creative thought and ingenuity. By
challenging garage owners and managers to collaborate and create open-sourced
and sustainable best practices, the parking industry can positively impact the

“Upgrading parking facilities with more energy-efficient LED
options is one of the most practical solutions to save energy, reduce costs,
and lower CO2 emissions,” says Cooper Lighting President Mark
“We look
forward to our partnership with the GPC and its members to use our knowledge
and resources to support its goals.”

Implementing LED lighting and controls technologies results in a
significant reduction in electricity consumption, which can substantially lower
carbon emissions. Recently,
Atlanta International Airport officials replaced more than 4,300 210-watt,
metal-halide fixtures in its north and south parking decks with Cooper Lighting’s
80-watt McGraw-Edison Valet LED fixtures. This action provided significant
improvements in energy-efficiency and cost savings of almost $500,000 each
year. According to the City of Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability, the Airport’s
financial and environmental partner, the carbon reduction associated with the
project is equivalent to taking 500 cars off of the road.




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