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Contractor and Distributor Show: Is More Training Needed In Controls?

Countless lighting manufacturers have introduced lighting controls, but sometimes they can be complicated to install and confusing for the end user.

Contractor Jason Schembri of OZZ Electrical says he spends a lot of time “cleaning up messes” following the installation of lighting controls. Meanwhile, lighting distributor Chad Palmer of Energy Efficient Systems says he also spends a lot of time “cleaning up messes.”

Schembri, Palmer, and Get a Grip On Lighting host Michael Colligan discuss not only the problem, but potential solutions to make sure lighting controls are installed correctly and end users understand how they work.

Greg Ehrich, LC is the former President of the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) and owner of Premier Lighting, a progressive lighting distributorship.

Michael Colligan is an entrepreneur and inventor. He’s a subject matter expert in commercial and industrial lighting supply, lighting retrofits, and finding recycling streams for hard-to-recycle waste.

Chad Palmer is the President and CEO of Energyficient Systems, Inc. He has over 22 years of experience in the lighting and efficiency industry where he has earned a reputation as an innovator and leader.

Jason Schembri is a Manager of Business Development at OZZ Electric Inc. For a decade, he has saved his clients millions of dollars in utility costs by implementing the latest in energy-efficient retrofits.

The new Contractor and Distributor Show is sponsored by Light Efficient Design.

If you want to watch more Get A Grip On Lighting podcasts, you can go to www.getagriponlighting.com.


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