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Connecticut Electric donates $1.3 million in supplies to Habitat for Humanity

Connecticut Electric of Anderson, Ind. donated 31 pallets of electrical supplies to the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Fort Wayne. ReStore is a retail outlet that raises money for Habitat for Humanity by selling donated items such as electrical supplies, furniture, appliances and more.

The donation from Connecticut Electric was valued at $1.3 million and is said to be the largest single donation ever made to the Fort Wayne operation.

Not all of the electrical materials will be sold in Fort Wayne; the local ReStore operation plans to trade some of the electrical goods for other merchandise.

Connecticut Electric says it makes “specialty electrical components that are sold through electrical distributors, hardware stores and home improvement retailers. Connecticut Electric, Inc. products include proprietary branded circuit breakers as well as manual transfer switches, spa panels, RV Power Outlets and Marine Products.”

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