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Congressman Fitzpatrick tours Hubbell Lighting plant

Last year, Hubbell Lighting, along with representatives from the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), hosted U.S. Representative Mike Fitzpatrick for a tour of the company manufacturing facility in Bristol, Pa.

Members of the Hubbell staff showed the congressman around the facility and expressed the company’s commitment to and investment in U.S. manufacturing.

One staff member pointed out specific Hubbell products that are the only ones of its kind manufactured in the United States. Other similar products are manufactured in Mexico, Hubbell claimed.

The company said the congressional visit was part of Hubbell’s continuing efforts to work with legislators, specifically on issues of energy efficiency policy. Hubbell worked with NAED’s Government Affairs department to coordinate Representative Fitzpatrick’s visit.

“Hubbell Lighting did a great job hosting Congressman Fitzpatrick,” said NAED Vice President of Government Affairs Edward Orlet. “The congressman got a chance to learn about an important employer in his district and he got to meet the employees.”

Orlet also urged other electrical manufacturers and distributors to get involved with their lawmakers.

“Hubbell solidified their relationship with the congressman and now they can effectively call on him when Congress faces issues that impact the company. We encourage our members to do likewise. Your officials want to get to know you. We can help set it up.”

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