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College Football Kicks Off Under New LED Lighting

College Football Kicks Off Under New LED Lighting

At least 8 college football teams highlighted the new season by pointing out that they are playing under new LED lighting at some of the country’s most historic football stadiums.

Florida State University, the University of Florida, Texas Tech University, the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, the University of Maryland, the University of Central Florida, and Boise State University all introduced new LED lighting upgrades for the 2023 season.

Florida State University’s Doak Campbell Stadium was built in 1950, and just last summer replaced the old lighting with LED fixtures as part of a $20-million stadium upgrade. The new lighting has dimming, strobe, and color changing capabilities.

The new lighting at Florida State University could also attract bands to perform concerts on campus.

At the University of Michigan’s “Michigan Stadium”, the LED lighting upgrade replaces HID lights that were installed at the stadium in 2010.¬†In addition to a better playing and viewing experience for those in the stadium, the whiter and cleaner LED lighting also will enhance the broadcast quality for millions of fans watching around the world, creating a greater stage-like television atmosphere and allowing colors to pop throughout the venue.

While the lighting will be better, the university believes energy consumption will be reduced by as much as 31% compared to the HID lights.

In addition to building a new playing surface, Texas Tech University upgraded its lighting at its Jones AT&T Stadium for this season.

This will provide Texas Tech the ability to utilize choreographed patterns designed to music during its pregame entertainment, in-between quarters and after touchdowns. The lighting system will greatly enhance the in-game fan experience, and also allow athletes the ability to track ball flight better using pinpoint lighting, all while lowering total operating costs.

Texas Tech recently completed a similar project at the university’s baseball stadium.


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