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California Launches Million Lamp Challenge

California Launches Million Lamp Challenge

The University of California (UC) college system is taking bids to buy one million LED retrofit lamps as part of it’s Million Lamp Challenge. ¬†The program will re-light the California University systems, including community colleges, with LED retrofit lamps.

Since there are hundreds of University of California campuses, this is a large project. Bids are due before September 20, and organizers with the University of California at Davis insist that bidders need to have a tight manufacturer/distributor partnership.

Since the University of California and the California Department of General Services have restrictions on LED lamps, the bids must meet their requirements. ¬†However, the requirements may change after NEMA (the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association) filed a lawsuit to stop California Energy Commission standards that hold LED lamps to a more strict standard than the rest of the country.

The winning bid may be contracted for up to three years with the state of California on lamp purchases.

You can use this link to bid on the project.

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