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C.N. Robinson Celebrates 150th Anniversary

C.N. Robinson Celebrates 150th Anniversary

BALTIMORE, Md. — C.N. Robinson Lighting Supply Co. (CNR Lighting) is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. CNR Lighting is known across the greater Baltimore metropolitan area for being the go-to lighting distributor.

CNR Lighting has had its roots in Baltimore since 1870, starting out as a seed distributor based only a couple of blocks away from what is known today as Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. C.N. Robinson & Brothers was mostly a farm supply store and as the times changed, the Company grew to sell more mechanical farm supplies and eventually moved into the hardware business, mainly supplying ladders. These ladders were sold to the gas lighters who would light the street lamps all around the Baltimore region. Once lighting, as we know it today, was invented and became mass-produced, the Company changed its name to C.N. Robinson Lighting Supply Co. and moved solely into lighting distribution, which is where we are today.

CNR Lighting has faced many great challenges in the past 150 years including WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, the economic crisis of 2007, and we’ve always managed to stay afloat. Adaptation and evolution have always been the blood that keeps CNR Lighting running. Just like today, during an unprecedented pandemic, CNR Lighting stands as an essential business ready to serve its customers. Our customers count on us to be here and we are committed to them.

The CNR Lighting team consists of the industry’s leading professional lighting experts who deliver the best lighting solutions for their customers’ needs.

For more information on CNR Lighting, please visit our website at or contact Sara Ballesteros at

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