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Bridgeport Fittings Wins Reexamination of Patent

Stratford, CT—The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed that several claims of Arlington Industries’ ‘831 Duplex patent are invalid. This includes the only claim Arlington alleged that Bridgeport’s Whipper-Snap duplex connectors infringed. Bridgeport therefore ultimately expects to receive summary judgment of invalidity with regard to the ‘831 Patent in the pending litigation with Arlington.

Bridgeport requested reexamination of the ‘831 Duplex patent nearly eight years ago, after Arlington alleged that Bridgeport’s Whipper-Snap duplex connector infringed that patent.  The Patent Examiner and subsequently the Board of Patent Appeals and now the Federal Circuit agreed with Bridgeport that the main claims of the ‘831 Patent were invalid, including the only claim that Arlington alleged Bridgeport’s Duplex connectors infringed.

Del Auray, CEO of Bridgeport Fittings stated, “I am pleased with the final outcome and the decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals to invalidate the major claims of this patent and we will continue to sell our successful Duplex Whipper-Snap products.”

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