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Bridgeport Fittings Pays Arlington in Contempt Proceeding

SCRANTON, Pa. — Arlington Industries announced that on November 4, 2016, Brideport Fittings paid Arlington
$1.84 Million as part of a contempt proceeding where the Court previously found Bridgeport
violated an injunction that prohibited any sales of Bridgeport’s infringing 38ASP and 380SP
Whipper-Snap Connectors. The $1.84 Million payment includes Arlingtons’s attorney fees and
expenses awarded by the Court on June 28, 2016, as well as an additional sum in settlement of
Arlington’s claims for supplemental fees, costs and interest.

The Court previously ordered Bridgeport to pay Arlington sanctions in the amount of $2.34 Million
to reimburse Arlington for its lost profits and the attorney fees it incurred proving Bridgeport’s
contempt. It also banned Bridgeport’s products until 2018. The most recent payment brings the total
Bridgeport has been ordered to pay Arlington for infringing Arlington’s Snap-Tite® and Snap2It®
Patents to $10.6 Million.

In response to this latest award, Tom Stark, President of Arlington Industries, said: “We are pleased
that the Court ordered Bridgeport to reimburse Arlington for its attorney fees and expenses and that
the infringing 38ASP and 380SP Connectors are still banned from the market. While we would prefer
not to litigate, Arlington will continue to defend its valuable intellectual property rights against unfair
competition. “


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