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Blog: Day 1 At LIGHTFAIR

By Scott Costa/Publisher, tED magazine

The lights in Las Vegas burn extremely bright.

Not the lights on the famous “strip” at nighttime.
The lights inside the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2014 LIGHTFAIR.
Manufacturers brought out their best products in elaborate booths used to capture the attention of every one of the thousands of attendees.
They did not disappoint.
LED lighting appears to be the hottest trend, with most booths displaying a variety of products.  Many of the manufacturers told me that thanks to the price of LEDs starting to drop, interest is starting to increase significantly.
Another observation:  There were no booths with no activity.  Every booth had large groups of interested customers, either to look at what was there, or to actually use the products.
Also, there was never a down time.  I expected to see a little bit of a slow down period during the lunch hours, but it actually looked like traffic increased during that time.  And I expected to see the crowd thin out around 4 as East Coast attendees started to make their evening plans, but it turns out the convention hall was still crowded after 5pm.
In general, the attendees seem to be very enthusiastic about the new LED products, and the options that are out there for any lighting need.
Most of the booth workers I talked with say they only had a few moments of down time to grab a bite to eat or sit for a moment.  Based on the reactions of the attendees, I would expect to see the same thing tomorrow.  This is definitely a crowd with an extreme interest in the “next new thing” in lighting.  
They are getting their money’s worth at this year’s LIGHTFAIR.
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