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Barron Lighting Group Names New Marketing Manager

GLENDALE, Arizona – Barron Lighting Group is thrilled to announce the appointment of Diane Hoffman as the new Marketing Manager. With an impressive background in marketing and brand development spanning more than 20 years, Hoffman brings to the role a wealth of experience and innovative ideas.

As the Marketing Manager, Hoffman will be instrumental in driving Barron’s marketing efforts to new heights. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing effective marketing and communication strategies to support the company’s growth and enhance brand awareness. This entails strategic planning, market analysis, competitor evaluation, customer segmentation, and product positioning.

Prior to joining Barron Lighting Group, Hoffman honed her skills in various industries, gaining expertise in B2B marketing for clients in automotive, technology, healthcare, agriculture, and finance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Communications from Arizona State University.

“We are confident that Diane’s contributions will play a pivotal role in further establishing Barron Lighting Group as a premier lighting brand,” said Alan Tracy, CEO of Barron Lighting Group. “Her expertise and insights will guide our marketing endeavors, ensuring consistent growth and continued success.”

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