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Baltimore Building Prevents Car Break-Ins with MaxLite LED Outdoor Lighting


A school turned mixed-use residential and commercial building in a developing area near John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, was experiencing significant crime in its 40-spot parking lot. The parking lot was dimly lit with one post top fixture with dual-globe lamps at the top, which did not produce enough light to reach the front door, leaving areas of complete darkness and shadows. When tenants reported frequent car break-ins, the building owner sought out new, brighter lighting in the dark parking lot that would avoid the removal and damage of the aesthetics of the post top lamppost.


“I knew I needed to find a light that would cover the entire parking lot from end to end, but I wanted to pay special attention to energy consumption and help the building cut down on their electric bill,” says Shane Hresko, CEO of Bmore Green (SDVOB). “Using MaxLite’s LED products, I was able to go down in wattage while producing more light. The quality and amount of light was doubled compared with what they used to have, and the tenants in the building thanked me for taking care of their crime problems. Choosing MaxLite was a no brainer.”

Bmore Green replaced four 400-watt metal halide area lights that consume 450-watts each with two 100-watt LED Area Lights, two set atop each pole. Additionally, Bmore Green selected a 50-watt LED Small Flood Light that was installed on a weatherproof mounting box in the center of an existing dual post top fixture, and aimed at the building entrance. Still retaining the existing post-top globe lamps in place, this installation added much-needed light for the parking lot without altering the “old Baltimore city” style of the lamppost.

Even by adding an additional LED Small Flood Light to the lamppost in the parking lot, the building will save 67,500 kWh in energy and $8,100 in energy and maintenance costs over the L70-rated 50,000-hour life of the fixtures. Bmore Green also helped the building owner to secure a utility rebate of $150 per LED Area Light, for an additional upfront savings of $600. Additionally, since the fixtures were installed in the Fall of 2012, tenants have not reported a single car break-in in the parking lot.

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