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Arlington Industries Wins Judgement In Patent Case

Arlington Industries, Inc. is
pleased to announce that the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the
Middle District of Pennsylvania yesterday found that Bridgeport Fittings’ Whipper-Snap
Duplex Connectors (catalog 3838ASP and 3838SP) infringed one of Arlington’s
patents on its SNAP-TITE® and SNAP2IT® connectors. The court entered
a judgment of infringement covering all sales of Bridgeport’s Whipper-Snap Duplex
Connectors during the term of Arlington’s patent.  The same court had ordered Bridgeport’s Whipper-Snap
Duplex Connectors off the market from July of 2011 to December 2011.  

This is the latest in a series of
infringement findings against Bridgeport.
 Arlington is presently pursuing $1.2
million in lost profits from Bridgeport caused by the infringing Whipper-Snap
Duplex connectors.
  Arlington previously
received $5.1 Million from Bridgeport for patent infringement already and is
seeking another $3 Million award based on Bridgeport’s contempt of an
injunction on a related patent.

Tom Stark, President of Arlington
Industries, reacted to this latest win by stating: “Bridgeport has infringed
Arlington’s SNAP-TITE® Patents for over 10 years.
  This is the third judgment of infringement
entered against Bridgeport for this patent alone.
  While we are grateful to have this judgment
entered, we would have preferred Bridgeport to have respected our intellectual
property at the outset.”


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