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Arlington Industries Responds To Federal Court Trademark Ruling

In a recent press release, Bridgeport Fittings claims a reexamination-based decision on only one of Arlington Industries’ patents – the ‘831 patent – is a game-changer in a pending litigation with Arlington.  Bridgeport falsely states that the decision invalidated the “only claim that Arlington alleged Bridgeport’s Duplex connectors infringe.”

In reality, Arlington accused Bridgeport’s Duplex Connectors of infringing patents and, in April 2014, Bridgeport’s Duplex Connectors (catalog 3838ASP and 3838SP) were found to infringe the other Arlington patent – the ‘050 patent – in the very same case.  Arlington is currently pursuing damages in the amount of $1.1 million in the duplex case.  Contrary to Bridgeport’s press release, this judgment is not affected by the recent reexamination decision on the ‘831 patent.

In a related litigation, the court found Bridgeport’s Whipper-Snap Connectors, (catalog 38ASP and 380SP), infringed one of Arlington’s patents on its SNAP-2-IT connectors (catalog 38AST and 380ST) and ordered Bridgeport to take them off the market until 2018.  The court ordered Bridgeport to pay Arlington over $2.34 million to reimburse it for its lost profits and attorneys’ fees.  Bridgeport posted a bond on August 7, 2014 for that amount. This $2.34 million judgment is in addition to over $6.7 million that Bridgeport has paid Arlington in the past few years for violating Arlington’s patents.

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Arlington Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of unique and innovative electrical and communications products.  Its products are protected by both domestic and foreign patents, which Arlington vigorously enforces against unfair competition.

Contact: Tom Stark, President, Arlington Industries, Inc., 1-800-233-4717.

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