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ams OSRAM Wins Electronic Company of the Year

ams OSRAM Wins Electronic Company of the Year

Shenzhen, China—ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, participated in the 2021 AspenCore Double Summits (2021 Global CEO Summit and the 2021 Global Distribution & Supply Chain Leader Summit) in Shenzhen, which was hosted by ASPENCORE, a well-known leading electronics industry-focused media group. During the summit, the 2021 World Electronics Achievement Awards were announced, and ams OSRAM won two awards, the Electronic Company of the Year and the Sensor of the Year.

The World Electronics Achievement Awards set out to elect and commend enterprises and leaders who have made great contributions to driving innovation in the global electronics industry. The selection is stringent, and often requires several months. Companies, executives and products should apply for the awards before being nominated and online voting. Then the candidates will undergo rounds of selection by experts as judges from across the world. All these candidates nominated are outstanding in their fields.

ams OSRAM wins prestigious Electronic Company of the Year award

Pierre Laboisse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at ams OSRAM gave an overview of the new optical solutions combining lighting and sensing technologies. He also referenced the strategic importance of the China market for the company.

Basing on sensing, illumination and visualization technologies, ams OSRAM will continue to create world-leading portfolios of optical solutions in the future. In these portfolios, the sensing technology includes 3D sensingALS sensingBOLED sensingimaging sensing and spectral sensing. In addition, the lighting technology mainly involves LED (visible light, invisible light, Mini and Micro), VCSEL, EEL and special lighting. ams OSRAM provides products and solutions in four fields including automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer. These products can be used in scenarios such as autonomous driving, smart home, digital cities, cloud computing and AIoT.

“We combine the light emitting competence of OSRAM with the competences ams holds in the areas of sensing, ICs and software to create a global champion in optical solutions – focusing on sensing, illumination and visualization.” Pierre Laboisse said, “Here we are building a leading portfolio to combine emitters with optics, detectors, ICs and algorithms, creating complete optical solutions for the customer from one hand. This requires system competency as well as customer proximity.”

ams OSRAM has established extensive cooperation with Chinese partners in many fields. For example, in the field of cutting-edge CT imaging, ams OSRAM has made world-leading achievements with Chinese customers. In the area of autonomous driving, ams OSRAM works with leading LiDAR makers in China,” Pierre Laboisse said, “Mission critical automotive LiDAR requires high-performance laser emitter technologies. Our world-leading emitter technologies – high-power addressable VCSEL and wavelength-stabilized EEL – are broadly recognized in China.”

Currently, ams OSRAM has approximately 3,000 employees across 28 sites in China, including major manufacturing sites, R&D capabilities and a strong sales network.

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