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ams OSRAM and Teknique Form New Partnership

ams OSRAM and Teknique Form New Partnership

PREMSTAETTEN, Austria — ams OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions, has teamed up with leading imaging technology and machine vision solutions provider Teknique to enable customers to quickly take to market 2D/3D camera systems based on ams OSRAM’s advanced sensor and emitter components combined with Teknique’s SoM product range.

ams OSRAM provides imaging components and camera sensor board and Teknique will provide a ready-to-use reference design which will enable customers to develop products for face authentication, machine vision, robotics, or navigation/SLAM.

Together, ams OSRAM and Teknique provide manufacturers with advanced vision technology tailored to the needs of their application, eliminating the need for customers to develop or acquire vision systems expertise, and accelerating their time-to-market.

The two companies have demonstrated their joint capabilities by developing a complete system reference design for active stereo vision and structured lighting. The demonstration system is based on Seres, a fully integrated infrared 2D/3D imaging camera board from ams OSRAM, alongside the Oclea SoM and SDK incl. an Ambarella SoC to provide basic camera functionality including a calibrated 3D depth map.

‘2D or 3D image sensing technology is increasingly used to enable security, access control and user identification functions in consumer and industrial products. Machine vision is extending beyond its traditional user base. By providing a complete development and integration service in partnership with Teknique, ams OSRAM can support these new customers and help them get to market quickly with exciting product innovations,’ said Clemens Mueller, Senior Director of Application Marketing in the Industrial and Medical business line at ams OSRAM.

‘Teknique has over 15 years of experience and proven success around the world turning vision technology into innovative products that provide real-world solutions to complex problems. We are delighted to be able to extend our Ambarella based computer vision ecosystem of Oclea SoMs to include the world-class ams OSRAM portfolio of imaging components, as well as highly integrated systems such as the Seres camera board, ’ said Aleks Ristic, Managing Director of Teknique.

The Seres camera board features a range of ams OSRAM components for illumination, image sensing and user detection, including:

  • Belago 1.1 dot illumination projector
  • OSLON Black 940nm LED flood projector
  • 2 x MIRA130 infrared 1.38Mpixel global shutter image sensor

It is complemented by a 940nm flood illumination solution and optional dToF proximity sensor, both provided by ams OSRAM

The 2D/3D machine vision demonstration system will be on display at the ams OSRAM stand 1522 at Sensors Converge on 28-29 June 2022 in San Jose, California.

Machine vision solutions based on ams OSRAM components are marketed by both ams OSRAM and Teknique. For customer inquiries or for more information, go to your local ams OSRAM sales representatives or authorized distributors, or contact any Teknique sales channel.

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