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ALA Appoints New President and CEO

Larry Lauck

ALA announced the appointment of Larry Lauck as the association’s next president and chief executive officer. This news comes following the decision last fall by current President and CEO Eric Jacobson to retire.

Following Jacobson’s announcement, the ALA Board of Governors and Executive Committee formed a dedicated search committee tasked with advertising, interviewing, and selecting the candidate to replace him. Over a four-month period, the committee members dedicated 94 hours to the task and followed a very diligent process. This included reviewing 28 resumes, completing multiple interviews of candidates, and deliberating before making their recommendation to the ALA Board of Governors.

With more than 27 years of experience working for ALA, Larry most recently served as executive vice president. During his time with ALA, Larry has worked as a member of the association’s senior management and helped lead the association in its growth from 385 members in 1996 to the more than 1,300 corporate members we have today.

Larry was instrumental in creating ALA’s consumer marketing program and it was through his leadership that the more than 17-year-long partnership with Better Homes & Gardens was formed to create Lighting magazine. During his tenure with ALA, Larry has consistently placed a focus on improving the association and taking strategic steps to enhance its programs and membership. He was responsible for spearheading the research and execution of the association’s training and education programs. He also developed the association’s website and has since led multiple redesigns and improvements.

Prior to working for ALA, Larry managed affiliate public relations at HBO. He studied journalism and public relations at The University of Texas at Austin and holds his MBA with a focus on business strategy from Southern Methodist University.

“I am excited Larry Lauck has been named the next ALA President and CEO,” said current ALA President and CEO Eric Jacobson. “Larry has built a network of relationships and has a unique skill set that will serve him well to lead ALA. With the full ALA team behind him, Larry will work hard to improve and strengthen member engagement and is already launching new programs that will drive member sales. ALA is fortunate to have such a smart, quality, and loyal beyond reproach individual lead the organization.”

In a letter released by the ALA search committee, they added that they spoke with many ALA members throughout their process and gained valuable insight. In addition to their recommendation to promote Larry, they also recommended the ALA Board of Governors act on several key areas, including membership engagement. With guidance from the board, Larry and the team at ALA are developing a plan to increase focus on these key initiatives to better serve ALA members and make the association stronger.

Lauck will officially take over as President and CEO March 1, 2023.

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