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Acuity Brands Completes Acquisition of KE2 Therm

Acuity Brands Completes Acquisition of KE2 Therm

ATLANTA — Acuity Brands, Inc. (“Acuity”), announced the successful closing of its acquisition of KE2 Therm Solutions, Inc. (“KE2 Therm”), which develops and provides intelligent refrigeration control solutions that improve profitability by increasing system efficiency and decreasing operational and service costs. Acuity will now begin integrating KE2 Therm into Distech Controls within the Intelligent Spaces Group business segment of Acuity.

“We are thrilled that Acuity Brands has closed the acquisition of KE2 Therm and are excited to begin its integration within Distech Controls,” said Martin Villeneuve, President, Distech Controls and SVP Distributed Building Technology at Acuity. “This acquisition allows us to expand our product offerings and reach new customers in the commercial refrigeration market. Distech Controls looks forward to working alongside the talented KE2 Therm team to create an even stronger, more competitive company.”

On April 14, 2023, Acuity announced that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire KE2 Therm. Acuity is committed to a smooth integration process with minimal disruptions to customers, business partners, and associates.

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