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2023 Assessment of Mercury-Free Lighting

2023 Assessment of Mercury-Free Lighting

The Clean Lighting Coalition shared data from 60+ countries which, according to the association, shines a light on one crucial fact: we do not need to delay an international phase-out of toxic, mercury-ladened fluorescent lamps any longer as cost-effective, energy-efficient LED alternatives are widely available across the globe. 

Markets around the world are prepared to take quick action to turn off the tap of toxic mercury lighting, ushering in a new era of equitable, safe LED lighting.

A new report from the Clean Lighting Coalition, supported by its global partners, adds to the mounting evidence calling for an end to the already dwindling production, export, and import of fluorescent lamps. The report reviews market data from the Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Latin America and Caribbean regions. 

The data highlight that energy-efficient, mercury-free LED alternatives for linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs) and compact fluorescent lamps with a non-integrated ballast (CFLnis) are ready to meet international lighting demand now – supporting health, economic, and climate and pollution mitigation targets. 

LED manufacturing is booming in every region CLiC investigated, according to the report, and the lamps pay for themselves quickly in energy savings. Global LED stock is projected to keep growing and the major manufacturers are prepared to meet lamp-by-lamp replacement of fluorescents at the end of their useful life – a strategy that avoids an influx of mercury waste to manage while also stopping new mercury from entering the market.

The 147 Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury Fifth Conference of the Parties (COP5) have the opportunity to protect the global communities, particularly underregulated markets, from the dangers of fluorescent bulbs. The report illustrates that the longer we needlessly wait to phase out all remaining fluorescents, the more each country risks. 

It’s time to say #FarewelltoFluorescents – read the report and explore CLiC’s new LED manufacturing map to learn more about the clear roadmap to end toxic lighting once and for all.

Read and download the reports:

Global Overview | Africa Regional Profile | Asia Pacific Regional Profile | Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Profile


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