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2022 IES Research Symposium Now Open For Registration

With technology developing at an accelerating pace and overtaking all aspects of our lives, the offers a unique opportunity to delve into the latest research to understand the complexity of change, opportunities, and risks for the lighting industry. This year’s symposium presents research, trends, and case studies on topics such as adaptive lighting, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and machine learning, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), smart buildings and smart cities.

Orlando, Florida
Hilton Orlando Buena Vista – Disney Springs
April 10-12, 2022


The program was carefully curated so that each day focuses on specific topics related to the use of intelligence in lighting with the goal of informing future designs to achieve high-quality spaces for people, protect the environment, and drive energy savings.

DAY 1 – April 10

Design Considerations: The morning session will present opportunities to leverage parametric design and automation to improve workflows and efficiency, while also freeing up designers to focus on creativity and optimization of the design itself.

DAY 2 – April 11

Experience and Operation: The morning session will examine how advanced controls and intelligent lighting systems can be leveraged to improve and customize occupant experience. Can a lighting system anticipate needs, can it have situational awareness, can it evolve?

DAY 3 – April 12

On the final day, we will consider the entire lifecycle of intelligence in lighting, and ultimately, the feedback loop in the design -> implement -> operate -> inform lifecycle. How does this wave of data enable us to make more informed decisions on our next designs, and how do we consider operational outcomes in inform our new design concepts?


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