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Nora Lighting Postpones Tariff Price Adjustment

Nora Lighting Postpones Tariff Price Adjustment

COMMERCE, Calif. — Nora Lighting announces a postponement of its price adjustment until July 1, 2019. Despite the tariffs coming into effect sooner, Nora Lighting has extended the price increase in order to give customers more time to adjust and plan for the new prices forced upon our industry because of the U.S. Administration’s tariff increases.

Customers can continue to order at their current prices up to and through June 30, 2019. Despite the total tariff increase of 25%, Nora will continue to absorb as much cost as possible and customers will only see a maximum increase of 9.5% across Nora product lines, with some products remaining at their current prices. Orders placed by June 30, 2019 must be for immediate release.

Nora remains committed to helping minimize this financial burden on its customers and is optimistic about a quick resolution to the trade situation. Nora encourages customers to reach out to their local sales representative for exact pricing. Should the U.S. Administration lift the tariffs, Nora products will go back to pre-tariff prices.

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