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Lightserve Acquires Illumetek

Lightserve Acquires Illumetek

CHARLOTTE, NC – Lightserve has announced the acquisition of Illumetek. Lightserve is a leading provider of customized lighting distribution, maintenance, and retrofit solutions across various industrial and commercial markets throughout the U.S.

According to Lightserve CEO Kevin Franklin and President Bill Hurd, “The acquisition of Illumetek represents a unique opportunity to further strengthen our national presence in all vertical lighting markets, provide enhanced opportunities to expand our current technical service capabilities, and reaffirms our collective commitment to provide exceptional customer service and value over a broader footprint.”

Lightserve CFO Jason Brafford added, “The timing of this transaction closing in the current market environment could not be more important. With increased uncertainty resulting from COVID-19 our collective financial strength and further diversified business model positions the combined company to not only weather, but excel through, further market and economic turbulence.”

Headquartered in Stow, OH, Illumetek is a national industry leader in commercial lighting and electrical upgrades with a unique commitment to logistical expertise for enterprise-level program management. Additional specialties include reactive and preventative maintenance, electrical rollouts and installations, lighting and HVAC controls, IoT initiatives, and labor only management. Illumetek is also an award-winning participant in utility incentive programs, filing all customer rebates and returning 100% of those dollars back to the customer.

James Pulk, CEO of Illumetek, is excited about joining Lightserve, saying, “The need to act responsibly when it comes to energy consumption is vital, now more than ever. This acquisition is an opportunity to combine two great organizations and multiply the effect we have on our client’s contribution to the continued integrity of the environment and safety of our planet.”


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