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Hockey Pucks Can Break LCD Scoreboards

In case you were wondering, yes, a hockey puck can break a stadium LCD scoreboard.

Late in the third period of the Nashville Predators vs. Winnipeg Jets playoff hockey game on Sunday night, April 29, Predators forward Viktor Arvidsson tried to clear the puck away from his own net.  Arvidsson, who scored a goal earlier in the game with a powerful slapshot, lifted the puck high enough to hit the scoreboard over the middle of the Bridgestone Arena.  It’s the second time this season Arvidsson has hit the scoreboard with a puck.  In March, he broke some panels on the Bridgestone Arena scoreboard during a regular season game against Calgary.

Two LCD panels, which appeared to be about three inches tall by three inches wide, fell to the ice below the scoreboard.  They did not hit any of the players or referees.  Another panel dangled from the scoreboard.

The game did continue moments later without any other interruptions, and the scoreboard continued to operate without the panels.

Nashville went on the win game 2 of the playoff series 5-4 in double overtime, tying the playoff series at 1-1.

Games 3 and 4 are in Winnipeg, which will give the Bridgestone Arena maintenance team extra time to make repairs.


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