Our exclusive stories with industry experts

Changes at the Top: Where Do Distributors Stand?


“Get A Grip On Lighting” Podcast: Blitz Episode

Truth in Advertising: The End of the Lighting Facts Program


Viking’s Successful One-Two Punch


Are OLEDs Ready for Primetime?


Mass-market products like the iPhone X and TVs showcase OLED potential, but scale remains an issue. What do manufacturers have to say?

The Age of Alexa


Lighting manufacturers offer advice to help distributors capitalize on growing demand for voice control in commercial settings.

New Year, New Mileage for Millennials


What can distributors do to keep their company moving forward in the rapidly evolving intersection of light and connectivity? Our experts say to put millennials behind the wheel.

Lighting Up 2018: What Does This Year Hold?

LightED talks with lighting manufacturers to see what they have to say about the economics of lighting in the year ahead.

Millennials, Your Renewable Energy Source

As maligned, misunderstood and stereotyped as they may be, millennials play an increasingly vital role in positioning distributors squarely at the intersection of lighting and connectivity.

What’s the Future of Light?

A look at what the lighting industry has in store for us over the next year, and beyond.

More Top Tips for Distributor Success in the Lighting Industry


From collaborating with industry partners to value engineering your business, lighting manufacturers share best strategies to help distributors stay at the top of their game.

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