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Get A Grip On Lighting: Horticann Recap

Get A Grip On Lighting: Selling Toasters

Get A Grip On Lighting: Naming the New Year

Conspiracy Theory? (Part 2)


Get A Grip On Lighting: Failed Fixtures

The guys from the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast have some advice for distributors on how to handle LED product failures when they arise in the near future.

Get A Grip On Lighting: Publicity

Not everything that appears on lightED from the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast is well-received. But it provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices. In this episode, the…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Lost LED Light

There’s a perception among the end-users of light that LED will last forever. We know different. But how do we sell LED lighting to the customer knowing that it will…

Straight From the Source


Mike Connors, CEO of Bulbs.com, shares his perspectives on the world of online lighting sales.

Get A Grip On Lighting: Rebates – It’s About Wh [...]

Guest host Joe Pater with Rebate Bus continues this series on rebate possibilities by talking with rebate expert Juan Carlos Blacker about the importance of making sure your branch managers…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Signify/Cooper Lighting Merger

A number of people are speculating on why the Signify/Cooper deal happened. Now Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich give us their view of what will happen after the merger is…

Changing the Game


Though not necessarily surprised by Signify’s intention to acquire Cooper Lighting, electrical distributors fear that selling those products may get harder before it gets easier.

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