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Get A Grip On Lighting: Subject Matter Expertise

The Darkness News Update 2/15/2024

Gross Electric seeks growth on numerous fronts

Gross Electric of Toledo, Ohio has moved on many fronts lately, including four significant efforts to expand the distribution company’s image, its business, and the traffic into its 5,000 square-foot…

Note to manufacturers: Please step up to the plate!

By Bridget McCrea Being the middleman ain’t always easy, particularly in a sluggish economy where customers want everything yesterday and for the cheapest possible price. Add to the scenario a…

What distributors love about the manufacturers they work with

By Bridget McCrea In an ideal world distributors and manufacturers would work as streamlined units, seamlessly navigating new and existing customer bases together. They’d ferret out opportunities, share resources, and…

Price of L Prize winning LED draws sharp criticism

If you’ve missed the story so far, the “L Prize” was a cash award of $10 million offered by the Department of Energy to the lighting manufacturer that produced an…

LED prices may not be too high for consumers for long

mailto:ecdotcom@gmail.com”>By Joe Salimando  With the 100W incandescent bulb banned by law, and the 60W and 40W incandescent units set for similar U.S. government action in 2014, consumers now face three…

Futurist discusses Millennials, disintermediation at NAW meeting

On Feb. 1, David Houle, a futurist with a broadcast TV background who wrote http://www.theshiftage.com/”>The Shift Age (published in 2006), spoke to distributors of varied products at the annual meeting…

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