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NICHIA and Zumtobel Partner on Human-Centric Lighting Solutions

TOKUSHIMA, Japan – NICHIA one of the world’s largest LED manufacturers, announces a joint-product development collaboration with Zumtobel, a leading international supplier of holistic lighting solutions, to provide LED lighting with advanced human-centric lighting benefits.

The partnership has been a key factor for Zumtobel to develop a new offering to its customers. The recently launched ZUMTOBEL Spectrum is a lighting solution developed for its luminaires which harnesses proprietary technologies developed by NICHIA to produce a color spectrum that has daylight properties as reflected by nature instead of mimicking the conventional sky daylight spectra like other high CRI LED solutions available in the market. The unique spectrum has been developed to stimulate human productivity and comfort.

“The demand for high quality, human-centric LED lighting continues to grow,” explains Satoshi Okada, General Lighting Business Planning Manager of NICHIA Japan. “NICHIA has been a pioneer in LED development for human-centric lighting. With over 65 years of research into the production and application of phosphor and LED development, NICHIA is actively engaged in making scientific breakthroughs in lighting, improving its quality and our relationship with it.”

Research reveals the relationship between light and human behavior. Humans not only recognize the brightness and color of light, but it is believed that human circadian rhythms can be affected by specific wavelengths of light, especially the cyan region. For example, lighting can have an influence on activity levels throughout the day, including waking up in the morning, being active throughout the day, and encouraging sleep at night.

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