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Luminance Appoints Tom Nash

Luminance is pleased to announce that Tom Nash has joined the team as National Electrical Distributor Sales Manager. Nash brings with him more than 20 years of industry lighting sales experience. Before joining Luminance, he was Director of Sales at General Brands and Sea Gull Lighting.

“As we continue to experience rapid growth in the Electrical Distributor Market, we are actively adding exceptional talent with deep industry expertise. Given the increasing growth in the electrical distributor space, advisory solution providers and industry knowledge is necessary,” said Eric Allen, President and CEO of Luminance. “Nash, who has two decades of experience in the electrical distributor market, is a well-established sales professional [and can] take Luminance to the next level.”

Nash added, “Luminance has an experienced workforce, excellent product mix, competitive prices, superior performance, great packaging, an efficient supply chain and cost-effective overseas sourcing and cutting-edge Smart LED Technology. We are excited to have Tom join our growing team. He brings a great reputation and is a great addition to our expanding team.”


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