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IES Announces Results of Internal Fraud Investigation

Last spring, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) had allegations of fraud and wrongful termination made against it by a former employee and IES member. The IES recently released the results of the investigation.

To the Members, Volunteers, Staff, and Partners of IES:

In March 2021, the IES Board of Directors notified you that it was aware of certain allegations of financial and accounting fraud and wrongful termination made against IES by a former employee and IES member. The Board takes allegations of wrongful conduct seriously and it referred the matter to the IES Ethics Committee.

The IES Ethics Committee conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the allegations; in doing so, it conducted numerous interviews (including of the former employee who made the allegations) and reviewed voluminous records and information such as emails, summaries of meetings, IES financial records and IES financial statements, which are audited annually by an outside independent accounting firm. The Ethics Committee unanimously found that the allegations were not supported by evidence and recommended to the Board that the investigation be closed.

The Ethics Committee submitted its Report to the IES Board of Directors in September 2021. After discussion and consideration, at its meeting on October 26, 2021, the Board approved and adopted the findings and the recommendation of the Ethics Committee and closed this matter.

The Board thanks the IES Membership and Staff for their patience during this process and for their continued dedication to maintaining the high ethical and legal compliance standards that have been a hallmark of the IES.

The Board particularly expresses its appreciation to the members of the Ethics Committee for their commitment of time, attention, and dedication in addressing this matter.

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